Wednesday, January 5, 2011

VIDEO: Volvo teaches Pregnant mother about car safety

How do you wear a seatbelt when you are pregnant?

Does the lap belt go over or under the bump? This is just one of the questions that pregnant mothers worry about.

Well these questions and more are asnwered by Volvo in a three-part Youtube video. Parts of teh video is in Swedish but they have subtitles

video after the jump, Press Release right at the bottom


Do you know the correct way for pregnant women to use a safety belt? Do you know it is safer for a child below 5 years old to travel rearward-facing? And do you know that anyone below 140 cm in height (approx 4 ft 6 in) should not sit in the front passenger seat with an active frontal airbag?

Volvo – the auto company synonymous with safety, has answered these concerns with their indepth research in the field of safety.  And with this knowledge, Volvo wants to share these gems of life-saving information with all Malaysians, especially expecting parents, so that they are armed with the right knowledge to keep themselves and their children safe in cars.

In collaboration with one of Kuala Lumpur’s renown hospitals, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur in a 6-month campaign themed “Knowledge Saves Lives”, Volvo is sharing their insights and expertise on the best ways for mother-to-be and their children – both unborn and newborn, to travel safely in cars.

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  1. That's great thinking by Volvo.
    For the first time I came to know that a car company gives emphasis on the weaker sections in the society.
    May be some other auto-motors will gain some knowledge from it.