Thursday, January 6, 2011

GREEN WATCH: VIDEO: Waste fuel may power our car through innovative steam engine

The Cyclone external combustion engine is basically a modern day steam engine that generates high starting torque that may eliminate the need for a gearbox if applied to a car.

As an oil burner, the engine could use waste cooking oil to generate the steam and drive the cylinders.

It is an interesting alternative to petrol or diesel hybrid. A steam hybrid could well play a major role in our automotive future.

In brief, the Cyclone Engine is a modern-day steam engine. It burns its fuel continuously in a circular external combustion chamber, generating heat that expands steam to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, whereupon it turns supercritical--essentially behaving like a liquid--and expands far more than cooler gaseous steam.

That expansion drives a pair of opposed pistons that generate torque through a crankshaft.

Florida marine engineer Harry Schoell, who has a portfolio of patents from a lifetime of inventing, created the Cyclone a decade ago. Through various forms of regenerative heat capture, his engine is far more efficient than internal combustion engine, converting almost half the fuel's energy content into torque.

Below is a short video explaining how it all works

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