Sunday, January 9, 2011

UK Car Registration Grew 1.8% in 2010

The UK car market reported full-year growth at the end of 2010, but with registrations down nearly a fifth in the last weeks of the year analysts are predicting a 5 per cent decline in 2011.

The latest UK automotive registration figures issued by the SMTT show that the market grew by 35,847 units to 2,030,846 units in 2010 ending 1.8 per cent up on 2009 figures. However, with registrations falling 18 per cent in December (123,817 units for the month), the SMMT predicts registrations will decline 5 per cent in 2011 to 1.93 million units due to continuing tough market conditions. Put into long-term context, 2010’s registration figure is the second lowest in the past decade and almost 375,000 units short of the 2007 levels.

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