Saturday, January 8, 2011

GM introduces cordless handphone charging, in the market mid 2012

Imagine a mat that charges your phone without having to plug in a cord or anything, well that is exactly what teh Powermat is.

This is not exactly rocket science, electric toothbrush makers have been using this tech for a few years now and it is a wonder it has taken this long for a carmaker to fit one in their car.

If your car is fitted with this device then all you have to do is put your phone on the powermat and it will charge your batteries, it will also charge other kinds of electronic devices...

These cordless charging mats are avialable at electronic shops so just visit Imbi Plaza to get yourself one

Read on to find out the basic principles behind cordless charging

First, a current from the  car is directed into the charger and into the base coil via an electric wire. When the current flows through the base coil, the coil generates a magnetic field which in turn induces a current to flow to the coil in the toothbrush handle. This charges the toothbrush battery.

This is the same power transmission principle that is also used for other products such as the recharging mat and the Powerdesk. These products have built-in coils capable of inducing current flow in the coils of nearby devices that have compatible coils and the circuitry needed for power transfer.

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