Saturday, January 8, 2011

GREEN WATCH: US Automakers are against E15

Carmakers say that 15 per cent ethanol in the fuel may do more damage to their engines than what they have engineered for.

The ethanols is said to cause damage to engine and especially sensitive modern fuel systems, which have not been designed to endure prolonged use with high ethanol fuel.

Every major automaker selling cars in the U.S. has signed onto a lawsuit aimed at halting the rollout of E15 gasoline, which has a higher proportion of ethanol (15 percent) than E10 gasoline that are already on the market.

The companies cite fears that the greater concentration of ethanol will damage engines and fuel systems. Carmakers worry that they'll be blamed for failures in cars that are running on fuel they were never designed for.
Earlier food groups had protested against the E15 as they feel that resources and commodities meant for food would be diverted to fuel and cause detriment to the food supply.

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