Sunday, January 9, 2011

BBS restructures itself to focus on high-end market and selected clients

Famed German wheel maker has declared bankruptcy for the second time in four years. This time they are taking the opportunity to restructure their business and focus on high-end products and selected clients.
They are entering an agreement with Ronal to sell their high-volume plant in Herbolzheim which produces standard OEM wheels.
The company wants to focus on their collaborations and OE-Speciality business with Ferrari and Porsche in Germany and Ford and Toyota, according to news site Autoblog

The intent of BBS is to re-focus on our core business in Schiltach; Motorsports, OES business (Ferrari, Porsche, etc... and including our US based programs with Ford, Toyota, etc.), High-end aftermarket and Technology development. (Schiltach is the BBS headquarters responsible for all engineering, development, high-end and specialty production, etc.)

BBS began life as a "Racing wheel" company (in Schiltach) over 40 years ago, several years later they began producing aftermarket wheels and a few years later they were producing "Specialty" OE wheels (OES).

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