Sunday, January 2, 2011

SLUGFEST: Tesla and Nissan argue who's got the better (and cheaper) battery

California-based Tesla says that their Li-Ion batteres are better and cheaper than the same kind of batteries that Nissan is using in their all-electric Leaf.

Tesla says their batteries should cost around USD200/kW/h, whereas Nissan says their packs should cost less than USD750/kW/h.

The only problem is, Nissan is talking about now while Tesla is talking about the future. Nissan has been developing their Li-ion batteries for more than a decade and the Japanese company has rolled out the Leaf without so much as a warning.

Nissan's sales programme calls for about a few hundred thousand cars sold every year while Tesla needs to sell only around 20,000 cars per year.

With those numbers in hand it is not surprising that Tesla has gone upmarket with their USD57.000 Model S while the Leaf retails for half that at around USD25,800 after tax credits.

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