Monday, January 10, 2011

DETROIT: Porsche 918 is awesome curtain raiser

As anticipated the car Porsche showcased is the racing version of the 918 roadster but there is a twist, it is a hybrid racer

as you can see from this interior shot, it has a funky looking circular metal flask with what looks like wither reinforcement ribbing or cooling fins where the second seat would be and that is some kind of flux generator to take it to warp nine

Mr Sulu is a voice on the Satnav and if you can catch a lighting, the car will go back in time and slap you for not studying hard enough to have a big enough bank account to afford one right now.

Porsche has confirmed production of teh roadcar so please, run quickly to your Porsche dealer and plonk your deposit before the salesman gives the first car to some geeky billionaire

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