Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mercedes files trademark with Roadster design

I failed to see the real attraction of the Smart fortwo and certainly did not see any reason, beyond novelty, which could persuade the average motorist to part with money for an upright and, frankly, dumpy roadster

Especially when Smart used to produce a pretty little sportster.

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I don't know about you but the current Roadster design is hardly exciting, sure there may be a market for two seater k-car for the city but it certainly would have to be priced rather competitively because driving with the roof down in the city means breathing in exhaust smoke, even if it has gone through a catalytic converter.

Besides, companies like Mazda make a perfectly gorgeous roadster in the Miata MX5.

Anyway, Mercedes-Benz has filed for a trademark for the Roadster's design so we can safely assume that they are planning to build something identical to the car we see here.

Maybe some of you think it is drop dead gorgeous and will run out to book one sight-unseen but we will reserve judgment until we see the car in the flesh.

GALLERY Smart Fortwo roadster

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  1. Wow! Its amazing.
    Looking as one super Mercedes model. I'm really surprised after watching such unique creation from Mercedes. Thank you so much for your post.