Monday, December 13, 2010

Man booked for speeding by same cop in two different continents

Constable Andy Flitton

It may sound like a fantastic fiction but in fact it is all true and the man involved is Const. Andy Flitton of the Rangiora Police Department in New Zealand.

Flitton had issued a speeding ticket to a man on the A5 in the UK just before he migrated to New Zealand and in September he caught the same man speeding again.

The driver, originally from South Africa, had just migrated again from England, where he had lived for 12 years.

The man recognised Flitton and they both had a good laugh.

According to Flitton, it was the second time the man was caught speeding and he was again there to catch and issue the summon.

The British offence had cost the driver STG60 while the kiwi speed limit breach had set him back NZ$120

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