Monday, December 27, 2010

Ferrari planning a very different car for Geneva Show - Hybrid or full Electric?

Of course when we think the unthinkable with Ferrari in mind, our thoughts will wander to electric cars or, best case scenario hybrids.

Luca De Montezemolo, Ferrari's long-standing President said to French reporters that his company is planning to show something very different at the Geneva Autosalon to show the world that they can and will adapt to change.

Earlier in September Ferrari had hinted that the replacement to their Enzo flagship will get Hybrid - Kinetic Energy Recovery System (Hy-KERS) technology and showed off the 599 Hy-KERS in Geneva.

so while other news sites are guessing that the new car at Geneva will be a hybrid Ferrari, we will hazard that it could well be something even more dramatic, an all-electric fuel-cell vehicle...

what do you guys think?


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