Friday, December 24, 2010

Singapore goes Lambo Crazy - or are speculators playing a dangerous game

Tiny City State has ordered 50 Lamborghini Aventador

I am not sure what to make of this news but I do suspect that some of the cars are ordered by speculators in entreport Island state.

With no import or export duty fencing the Island's economic activity, a speculator has the perfect base from which to operate. If hype for the Aventador hits fever pitch and demand outstrips supply, there is always the option of exporting the car right back out to another country.

While there is no doubting that Singapore is a wealthy nation, finding 50 people who would order an Aventador from a population of just 10 million is a bit of a stretch, especially in a country that does not have a history of supercar madness.

I may be wrong, the recent Formula One races may have infected their brain with petrol and that is why they are all ordering the Aventador

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