Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MEGA GALLERY: James Glickenhaus shares if Le-Mans effort on Facebook

All we can say is thank you Mr. James Glickenhaus,

 you have made this world a bit better by sharing with the rest of us your carbon-fibre wondercar.

Not only is the P4/5 a gorgeous machine but it is also made almost entirely out of carbon fibre and after shelling out God knows how many millions of dollars to Pininfarina to design and build the machine, Glickenhaus is also now the owner of all the moulds and drawings so he is building a Le-Mas car.

How cool is that?

This is one example of how every super rich car nut should live, Jay Leno also sets another good example to follow.

Glickenhaus and Leno makes car nuts happy and for every smile that they put on people's face, that makes them a good person, enjoy his Facebook album.

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