Monday, December 20, 2010

Crashvertise, something that might work in Malaysia

Every time there is an accident, the road gets congested as drivers and their passengers adopt snail pace so they can crane their neck and gawk at the crash.

Well why not give them something to see?
Why not advertise at crash sites? Hold banners, pamphlets and free gifts

Well here comes Crashvertise.

What's Crashvertise and how doest it work? Well, read on, there is even a promo video explaining how it works

Whenever a road accident happens a CRASHVERTISE Team is sent immediately on the spot. The crash scene is set-up and animated to spread the brand message in different ways:

The CRASHVERTISE Team hit the streets showing the campaign on large scale posters and giving away safety vests with your brand to all the people involved in the road accidents;
a special warning triangle with your brand message is located
near the cars;

gadgets or other advertising stuff are given away to people in the area.
Road accidents are promptly pointed out through facebook and twitter by CRASHVERTISE Network (the ones who are involved in the crash, eyewitness, bystanders, police).

CRASHVERTISE campaigns could be easily planned all over the national territory or geolocalized on the strength of marketing and communication objectives.

Crashvertise is not here yet...I know it probably would work but I think it should not be allowed to operate here because it will only worsen accident-related traffic congestion.

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