Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beauties visit Nissan

Anything to get people to go to showrooms is good
Beauties and the Nissans

Last Week, Nissan’s Petaling Jaya showroom was the centre of attention when 57 beautiful ladies taking part in the Miss tgourism International 2010 came visiting.

Edaran Tan Chong Motor hosted a tea party and photography session with the beauty queens alongside the company’s range of motorcars such as the Teana, 370Z, Murano, new X-Trail, Grand Livina and Sylphy. 

The annual Miss Tourism International is a globally recognized international beauty pageant promoting goodwill, friendship and world peace and attracting mass viewership from all over the world.

Hosting the Miss Tourism International beauty pageant in Malaysia will further promote the nation’s tourism industry and will enable Malaysia to reveal to the world its many beautiful facets, from bustling cities, idyllic towns to the sun-kissed islands. 

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  1. This is looking lucrative. Beauty queens are with Nissan model.
    Great to see.