Monday, December 27, 2010

James May cracks his head in Syria

Captain slow flung to the ground by towrope
The three wise men and their roadster caravan
- ooh the things that could go wrong

As you may already know, the Top Gear trio was in Syria recently producing Top Gear's Christmas special and the plan was to use unsuitable cars (obviously) to trace the steps of the three wise men.

Instead of camels or a sturdy off-roader, they went for three small roadsters so obviously they got stuck in the sand a lot, ah you can just see where the merryment is coming from can't you?

Anyway, during one of the towing sessions, James May stood too close, or may have actually bee straddling the two rope, reports are unclear, so when the tow car pulled away, the rope became taut and threw May off his feet and his cranium made contact with some Syrian hardware.

There was a lot of blood and the team were hundreds of kilometres away from modern medical facility. They made it.

May was given a brain scan and in typical Captain Slow fashion he said that he was alright, but the Syrians were excited to try their new brain scanner.

We look forward to seeing this special.

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