Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tony's 'team Lotus' terminates Fairus Fawzy

In a dramatic turn of eventsn Fairus Fawzy, Malaysi's sole representative on the F1 driver's line-up, as third/reserve driver and test driver for Tony Fernandes received a termination letter.

Acoording to, the termination letter was handed to Fairus last week and it stated no reason for his termination.

Fairus has been steadily climbing the motorsports ladder and was ready to enter the highly competitive field of F1.

It is understood that the letter was signed by Mike Gascoyne.

There are many unverified stories surrounding the controversy but all we know is that his father, datuk Fawzy is keen to see his son in the pinnacle of motorsport.

"Fairus in F1 is the family's dream and they have been consistently nurturing Fairus' talent, this is a major disappointment for them," says someone familiar with the situation,

It remains to be seen where Fairus will end up next season but with two Malaysia- linked teams on the grid, it would not be surprising if the aspiring F1 pilot were to pursue seats with them first.

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