Thursday, December 16, 2010

SPYSHOT Lamborghini Aventador breaks cover

Please form an orderly queue and the nice salesman will take your order for this gorgeous car, gorgeous even under all that black tape.

Aventador is a name that Lamborghini filed at the European patent and trademark office and this led to speculation that it could be the badge for the next Lamborghini flagship that would replace the ageing Murcielago.

These are the best images so far of Lamborghini's latest supercar and it is looking good.

Engine for the Aventador will come from an all-new 6.5-litre V12 engine coded L539.

For more details and automotive erotic photos of the new engine and a gallery of spyshots from last year please follow the jump

This all-new engine will deliver 700 horsepower at 8,250rpm and 690 Newton metres of torque at 5,500rpm.

Developed entirely at Lamborghini's S'Ant Agata facility, the motor weigh 234 kilogrammes and it would be bolted to an all-new single-clutch seven-speed transmission that weighs less than 70 kilogrammes.

According to Lamborghini, the all new transmission is faster than a usual double-clutch transmission, which has led us to assume that it is a robotised transmission, much in the same as VW's DSG with clutch operations taken care of by computers and actuators.

The transmission is designed with three modes– Strada, Sport and Corsa. Strada is the comfort mode and makes the transmission behave like a full auto, Sport mode is for dynamic driving while Corsa is for hardcore track work. Corsa includes launch control.

According to early numbers, the Aventador is likely to be capable of the 100km/h sprint in 2.9 seconds  and a top speed of over 350km/h.

Word is that the Aventador will have a carbon-fibre chassis and kerb weight of less than 1500kg. Price for this new prize bull will start at € 350,000 in Europe.

L539 Gallery

Aventador Spyshot Gallery

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