Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to the electric car era: GM starts shipping Chevy Volt this week

Monday was a historic day for the automotive industry but it went by without so much as a fanfare; the first mass-produced Electric Vehicle with Range Extender car from a major manufacturer, the Chevrolet Volt were loaded up onto carriers and sent out to dealerships.

The  RE-EV was a few years in development and GM discovered many issues and solved them for the Volt's production, the volt features something similar to the skateboard platform concept developed by GM some years ago, in the sense that all the batteries are packed in a compact array in the floor structure, it would take a small step to fit four individual motors to the wheels leaving the range extender engine to find a home in the front end of the chassis.

If no-one else will, I would like to announce the birth of the mass-market electric car.

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