Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CAR MOVIES: George Clooney to play John Z DeLorean in biopic

The story of DeLorean is fairly interesting, a former GM auto exec, John Z DeLorean was a fast talking wheeler dealer who rose thru the ranks very quickly at the world's largest car company (then) and then went over to Britain to set up a sports car company.

He got hundreds of millions from the British Government in the forms of grants and tax breaks to set up a car factory in Ireland.

It worked well for a while until he got mixed up in drugs..

It would be great to see how Hollywood make the story gripping for a blockbuster, George Clooney looks the part for John Z,

Can you spot who is George Clooney and who is John Z DeLorean?

His Stainless Steel sports cars continue to be a motoring icon today, many of the parts and tools and dies survive to this day and you can still get a brand-new hand-built DeLorean if you want one

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