Thursday, February 17, 2011

VIDEO: New York to get Turkish Taxi

New Yorkers voted for Turkish delight in future taxi design competition

Karsan V1, a design for New York’s taxi of tomorrow has been chosen as the best by New Yorkers in a recent survey conducted by the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

About 65 per cent of the respondents preferred the looks and features of the Karsan V1,  while the submission by Nissan won 42.4 per cent of the votes while the Ford Transit proposal gained only 38 per cent support from New Yorkers.

The commission had asked residents to choose their taxi of tomorrow and many carmakers submitted proposals for taxi that is safe, environmentally friendly and could easily accommodate the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The proposed designed had to be smaller than the Ford Crown Victoria which had plied New York City Streets for a long time.

More than any city in the world, New York relies heavily on the taxi service to move people and choosing the correct taxi to fulfill future requirements is crucial to the city’s well being and the city will take into consideration the people’s choice before making their final decision.

Although the people had chosen the Karsan V1, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will actually go into production as the official NY taxi.

The V1 features a number of unique specifications, including a panoramic glass roof and wheelchair ramps on both sides of the vehicle for easy access.

The Karsan is not only a hybrid which can help the city burn less fuel, but it is also designed to be modular and can be adapted to be powered by Petrol, diesel, natural gas or battery juice.

As public transportation orbits closer to the centre of public discussion, expect more cities to start taking a closer look at their taxi requirements and coming up with designs that take up minimal footprint while providing maximum versatility and fuel economy.

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