Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rinspeed BamBoo: Summer Madness

Rinspeed BamBoo brings us close back to nature, not that we would know it.

While Swiss designer Rinspeed says that the colours appearing on the BamBoo range from salmon to lobster to yellow, there is nothing that would indicate that this creation would bring us any closer to nature, or at least the beach, than any other small SUV or the Mini Moke.

Maybe the secret nature of the BamBoo’s love of nature is the perfect reflection of the Swiss love for secrecy.

Hidden underneath the eye-poking exterior is an oversized golf buggy that is overloaded with technology and ways to stay wired and connected to the world.

Still don’t see the back to nature link? Wait for it.

The BamBoo’s roof is an inflatable mattress that you can take off and use as a beach blanket, or mattress . Still no link?

Well, the top part of the inflatable roof is covered in fun stickers showing a young couple sun bathing while the bottom part of the roof is covered in special fabric, made out of genuine bamboo-fibre threads.

In one fell swoop, Frank M. Rinderknechtcould use the word bamboo in the name of the car and an entire series of Press Releases can be made to drive home the message that this mad golf car is the perfect eco-beach bum mobile.

The Press release actually says: “Rinderknecht's latest work "BamBoo" lets the sun rise over the over-engineered metal creatures at the Geneva Motor Show, whose single purpose is to never touch anything other than black asphalt. Yes, this is a taste of summer”.

If you think that this is a cheap repoff of 1960s beach cars, the releases goes on to explain that Rinderknecht ‘reinterprets the automotive references of days gone by and evolves them into the future’.

While discussion about the BamBoo’s aesthetics can continue for a long time to come, there is one thing for sure, anyone driving this Swiss concept will be the main topic of conversation at any beach they may decide to go to.

This is probably why the Bamboo is designed to stand out so much, it is n electrically powered mobile attention seeker.

 The Bamboo also tries to play matchmaker and is designed to help the driver make friends with a grille that is replaced by a display screen that can send different messages to passers by.

It even has multi-coloured lights on the roll-cage to indicate if the driver is available (green), in a party mood (blue) and orange for when the driver needs a break.

The breadbox dashboard is home to an assortment gadgets from HTC tablet PC to smartphones and Hanran JBL GreenEdge speakers.

You start the bamboo using a specially coded Swiss Army Knife.

The funky art that covers the car is the handiwork of New York-based pop artist, James Rizzi

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