Monday, February 21, 2011

GENEVA PREVIEW: Bertone B99 concept for Jaguar

This sleek, classic profile belongs to the Bertone B99, a concept for a compact Jaguar sedan that is set to make an appearance at the Geneva Autosalon in March. 

It appears that Bertone drank deep from Sir William Lyon's design fountain because this concept clearly  paid homage to the low-slung design and sleek profile that Lyons made famous.

The very short front overhang and long tapering tail certainly followed the proportions of the XJ6, one of the most beautiful four-door saloons ever made.

The front three-quarter view further reinforce the classic Jaguar look with the prominent chrome framed grille with the leaping cat on the hood makes it unmistakably Jag and the face is brought up to date with slimline headlamps heavily sculpted lower portion.

The slim A-pillars and C-pillars set well back is another interpretation of the classic Lyons design language.

The tapering tail and and very long rear overhang gives the impression of a jaguar in full flight with its tail stretched for balance and agility.

I do hope that Jaguar will find the elegance and sporty flair that seem to come so easily to Sir William

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