Thursday, April 21, 2011

OIL PRICE WATCH: Crude remains strong above USD120

Futures Markets SnapshotslastChg.
Crude OilICE Brent ($/bbl)124.40+0.55
&nbspNymex Lt. Sweet112.11+0.66
&nbspDME Oman118.05+2.30
ProductsRBOB ($/gal.)3.29+0.01
&nbspHeating Oil3.23+0.01
&nbspICE Gas Oil ($/ton)1,026.50+6.00
Natural GasNymex HH ($/MMBtu)4.32+0.01
&nbspICE UK NBP (p/therm)58.33+0.15
Spot Markets SnapshotslastChg.
Crude OilOpec Basket ($/bbl)116.00-1.37
Natural GasNew York4.70+0.15
*($/MMBtu)Henry, LA4.33+0.12
&nbspKaty, Texas4.33+0.15
&nbspAECO, Canada3.69+0.01

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  1. How sure are you that price of oil is this,are you working with the gov??? even my 12 year old son can say that in his facebook....think about that...