Saturday, April 2, 2011

APRC - Rally of Malaysia 2011 - Leg 1

Satria Neo S2000 holding up despite some temperature issues with Alister Mcrae's car, he nursed it to a very respectable third place.

Chris Atkinsons has no such worries and flew past everyone for the lead

High profile retirements today include Cody Crocker, Karamjit Singh and Saladin Mazlan...will keep you posted if they will continue tomorrow

While McRae and Atkinson is doing well for Proton, I can't help but wish a local boy was piloting at least one of the yellow beast

The two Cusco-Proton Satria Neo in the 1600 category are also doing well, they look good out there ans seem to be properly sorted out.

PROTON Cusco Rally Team's Akira Bamba and Kosuke Takashino currently the fastest 2WD cars in the rally, placed 8th and 9th overall with the 1600cc Satria Neo.

Come back later for our video report of the first leg in a few hours.

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