Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Monster 1100EVO the Ultimate Monster: redefined, one of a kind and as bang up to date as ever

Performance, style, practicality and safety, four words that embody the essence of the Monster 1100EVO.

As a result of its Desmodue Evoluzione engine, the Monster 1100EVO is the first twin-valve Ducati engine to achieve 100 hp. And that's not all, the 1100EVO is proof of Ducati's firm commitment to motorcycling safety.

The Monster 1100EVO comes, as standard, with the Ducati Safety Pack, which includes ABS and Ducati Traction Control (DTC): a concentrate of electronics that improves control and enhances safety whatever the situation.

With a new look to boot, the 1100EVO oozes personality like no other. Featuring a new exhaust system, which gives the bike an even feistier look, as well as new ergonomics, with a redesigned seat and 20 mm higher handlebars, riding pleasure is cranked up to the max.

Symbolic of a lifestyle like no other, the Monster 1100EVO is pure naked essence.

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