Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FUEL PRICE: ROn 97 up 15 sen - oil stays above USD80/barrel

Premium RON 97 fuel will go up in price tomorrow while Shell V-Power will go up by two-sen.
Ron 95 stays at the same price..

What else can we say?
Below is world oil prices as of two days ago

MARKET METRICS   Mon., Nov. 29, 2010
Crude OilOpec Basket82.34+2.20
($/bbl)ICE Brent87.34+1.50
Nymex Lt Swt85.73+1.87

Oil is persistently above USD80 per barrel and the approaching winter will only push up prices, so will the tension in North Korea as countries hedge and build stockpile.

Brace ourselves for higher fuel prices and throw away any dreams of the good old days of sub RM2.00 fuel

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